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"Where Timeless Elegance Adorns Your Every Moment."

Embrace the allure of our exquisite timepieces, carefully sourced diamonds, rare gemstones, and precious metals, each chosen to reflect the essence of luxury. Whether it’s a celebration of milestones or a token of love, Chiefer is your companion in adorning life’s most cherished moments with elegance and splendour. Welcome to our world of everlasting refinement, where each piece tells a story of elegance and sophistication that transcends time.

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Experience our exquisite selection of luxury watches and jewellery or work with our team of Watch and Jewellery Specialists In London to source your next piece.


Selling your unwanted watches or jewellery couldn’t be easier. Just fill out our selling form, and we will invite you in-store for a valuation where we will purchase your item the same day.


Our watchmakers and jewellers have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. Whether you require an annual service or a damage repair your luxury items are in safe hands.